Sadie Bailey



RIPPER was a week-long art show in the gallery space of London's late, great Parlour Skate store.  The main installment of the show was a 5-pieced wheat paste collage featuring a collection of black and white skateboard photography from a selection of artists all over the world. On the adjacent wall, 3 mixed-media skateboards hung. 2 painted with a mixture of spray paint, acrylic & block ink. The middle board, painted white, had the flyer (pictured above) ripped up and wheat pasted on. Across the gallery, xerox'd copies of skate-themed illustrations were lined up and rough tapped to the wall. Next to that hung a personal copy of Dead Kennedys 'A Skateboard Party'. 

The launch night, held on March 23rd 2017, premiered 'Badapest' - the final installment of Remy Barreyat's collaborative video-triptych with Rave Skateboards. 

Photography and illustrations created by those listed above. All installation and mixed-media pieces created by Sadie Bailey. 

With the intention of creating a 360-degree vision of skate culture, curator Sadie Bailey looked to a variety of international artists working across multiple disciplines. From photographers, to illustrators and skate collectives, they all contribute their own distinct nuances, creating a diverse hub at Shoreditch’s Parlour Presents. Bailey has translated her DIY publishing approach to curation, choosing to opt out of frames and high quality prints in order to emphasise that candid and guttural ethos the skate scene thrives on. “I don’t want some snooty event where everyone is standing around making small talk for the sake of being socially accepted,” Bailey explains. “I just want to drink a shit ton of beer with some cool people, surrounded by some crazy artwork.” " - HERO Magazine

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